Shortly about our company and product:

We are young and ambitious company seeking for the fix goals. We are located in Lithuania. A small country located in the geographical centre of Europe. It became a member of Europe Union in 2004. Our country area is quite small but it is rich in moors, gravels and clays quarries where our product has been tested. A lot of time spent in the off-road world has encouraged us to create the product we are proud to present you. We are always open for your comments and offers. We can achieve more by creating and developing together.

Our product – Doublewinch 2×6.5HP and 2×7.5HP is developed for winches models Warn 8274. Using this product you can upgrade your winch really easily and quickly that will make your winch much faster and more powerful.

Doublewinch has been tested in various events in Lithuania, taking part in the expedition in the Ukraine mountains and other places under heavy conditions. The main advantage of this winch against one motor winches is speed and power, especially under heavy loads. This enables you acquire time advantage.

Possibilities to cooperate:

At present we are looking for partners in different countries: If offroad is a part of your life if you take part in events or competitions where a lot of people gather if you have ideas and suggestions how to develop the popularity of our product in your country and outside borders and getting advantage for yourself as well as for us, then You are welcome to write us and share your ideas and suggestions. We will definitely get in contact with you. Together by joining and finding beneficial solutions for both parties we can achieve much more. Thank You !

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